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Friday, January 14, 2011


The other day we were sitting at lunch together and the ladies in the booth next to us were complaining about their "new haircuts and colors." They had taken in pictures of the cuts and colors they wanted and the stylist said "I can do that!" Well I am not sure if she was looking at the same picture or maybe forgot her glasses but the pictures and the two ladies sitting next to us looked nothing alike. The worst part is they paid $150. HOLY COW!!!
So Jill told them to give her a call and that she could fix their haircuts and give them the color they were looking for. They were happy that they had met us and took Jill's business card so they could schedule an appointment to get their hair fixed right.
Why am I telling you this story? Because I am still amazed that people will pay $75 to $150 to get a cut and color when we offer COLOR FOR LIFE. What is COLOR FOR LIFE? It is a program, if you would, that offers you free hair color for the rest of your life. You come in and schedule a cut and color with the Salon (participating stylist) and they will cut and color your hair. Then you reschedule an appointment for a return in 6 weeks. If you refer one new person to come back to your stylist in our salon, and they do it within that 6 week period, your next color is FREE! Nice huh!?! The best thing is we wont be charging you $150 to get you hair cut and colored like other places. We are much more reasonably priced. So we hope that if you are in need of a cut and color you will come in and take advantage of our
COLOR FOR LIFE program. It will be worth it. I PROMISE!!!!

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